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How To Apply Primer To Your Boat

The way to get the best end result before applying primer to your boat is to do a lot of preparation. Boats made out of different materials must be prepared differently. This includes the way they are sanded, washed, and painted. When applying your primer, don't stress too much about the finish, as it gets covered by the anti-foul or topcoat of paint. Firstly, you must wash down your boat. You need to get everything off your boat whether it be dirt, sand, marine life, or seaweed. You can use a high pressure hose, a scraper, or rags. There are some...

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What is a Primer?

A primer is a paint product that can be applied to your boat, underneath the anti-foul and topcoats where appropriate. It works as a 'tie-in' layer that ensures adhesion of the anti-foul. An added benefit of applying a primer is to protect the boat from corrosion and degradation from the surrounding environment. If not used, it can lead to corrosion on steel and aluminium hulls, blistering/osmosis on fibreglass or rot on wooden hulls. Along with protecting the surfaces from the elements, it also gives the final product an enhanced cosmetic finish. Priming is a must if the material is not...

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